Kind Words


Initially I felt excited and nervous working with a coach, but Leah really made me feel comfortable with the process. She had a way of working and questioning and exploring that prompted some great self reflection. 

One of my goals was saying no without guilt. This one was really important for me, particularly with my kids. You always want the best for them and to do everything for them. After working through this process I realised all of the great things I do for them every day. By focusing on these positives, I can now say no to things and recognise that it’s okay. I see that my family are more at ease with me, they accept when I say no and we are all more relaxed.

The biggest change I've witnessed from this coaching series is really knowing what I need in a work environment and also how that relates to my personal life. Working with Leah has brought about a clarity that I didn't have before of where I want my future to be and what actions do I have to take to get there. I have a clear picture of what I want in the future and how my current situation fits into that and more importantly, where it doesn't.

Three words I'd use to describe my coaching experience with Leah are Suprising! Exciting. Empowering.

— Lori Bruns-Clavell


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Life altering sessions-this is how I'd describe my coaching experience with Leah!

When I started working with Leah I was so overwhelmed with life in general. I couldn’t focus on anything and felt like I was spinning in circles, attacking what needed to be done in that moment, and not moving forward with anything.  It was mentally exhausting.  I wanted to be able to have a clear picture of what I needed to do in my life and I needed someone from the outside looking in to help guide me.

Leah wasn't afraid to take me and my life on.  

Through our coaching series I have learned to say no when it doesn’t ft into what I need to do for my life. I am a people pleaser and that has always been tough to do because I wasn't clear on my priorities in life.  Do I solely focus on them and are things perfect, no.  But I now have focus and know where I need to be.

I have noticed since our coaching series that I’m not on edge all the time.  Being overwhelmed with everything in life coming at you can put you on edge and make you react in not very pleasant ways. My family has appreciated me being actually in the moment versus always fretting about what I had to do next. I also feel my marriage has benefited through all of this. I’m not taking out my frustrations of the chaotic life I was living on my spouse and family.  I think I’m a much more pleasant person to be around and I'm more appreciative of everything. And I’ve made my family a priority in my life which I had always wanted, but wasn’t doing before.

— Tasha Rostvit



When I first connected with Leah, I was wanting support in finishing some projects I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish as well as wanting clarity on career decisions.

I had decided to engage a coach because I wanted someone to ask me the hard questions to help me figure out what some blocks I was having were. Feeling stuck motivated me to ask for help.

Although I’d never had an official coaching experience before I was familiar with coaching and I expected accountability and insights.

Going into our first session I felt nervous being vulnerable and excited to move forward. By the end of the first session I felt as though I had more clarity about what my questions about myself and the trajectory of my life actually were.

Once I began coaching, I had unexpected career changes and began to show up more in the world by showing and then selling my art. My friends noticed my confidence and willingness to do scary things to reach my goals.

The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is that I feel as though accepting myself more and believing in myself has propelled me to do things I wouldn’t have done before. I’m feeling more confident in my ability to try the new things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

Valuable, Exciting, and Motivating are three words I'd use to describe my coaching experience with Leah.

— Lindsay Bong