The simplest definition of coaching is that it’s a relationship between two people where the coach helps the client achieve goals they've set for themselves. It's far more than that though!

My coaching helps you figure out your life purpose, take action and make positive changes. I will help you to break free from whatever is holding you back, whatever stories you've been telling yourself that aren't serving you. It's about finding clarity and courage and feeling whole and connected.

As a coach, I help you by giving you the time and space to talk through things and uncover truths about yourself. I give you my complete focus and attention - how often do you have someone truly listen to your hopes and dreams for longer than a few minutes? For some people it's about having someone to hold them accountable and ensure they're taking action on all the great things they want for themselves. Or it may be guidance, encouragement or compassion that you need. All of these are things I can work with you on during a coaching series.


Curious about if coaching is right for you?